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Blood Brothers

Another member of our LJ community and a member of the class of 2K7, S. A. Harazin, has written a terrific novel of friendship, family, longing and belonging in BLOOD BROTHERS. Joey and Clay have been brothers of the heart since they were kids. The friendship has continued through high school, sometimes rocked by problems, but still strong enough to sustain them both. Now Clay comes to the shed where he and Joey would hang out for privacy and finds a disheveled and violent Joey. Frightened by this behavior, something he has never seen in his friend, Clay calls 911. Then he heads back to the hospital where he has already worked a long shift as a med tech. It is obvious that something is wrong with Joey. This is not merely a drunken episode. Joey's condition is grave.

The story is told episodically. Some events unfold in the present; other events are seen in flashback. This keeps the action moving constantly and keeps the reader involved. Lots of details about the hospital and medical prcedures and Clay's work as a med tech add another layer of reality to the story. Readers get to know Clay and, through Clay, have the chance to know more about Joey and the other characters in the book. Clay is a kid who has many obstacles standing in his way (including himself sometimes). However, as he tries to help Joey and to find out the truth about Joey's behavior, Clay learns a great deal about himself and who can be counted on for support in his life.


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