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Too busy to read?

So, a post I was reading today contained this line: "Committing to a book club can be overwhelming for busy professionals. " My burning questions follow.

1. Really?

2. Really?

3. Really?

4. You're a teacher, right?

5. And you are too busy to read a book?

Okay, a little over the top, I admit. But the truth is not so funny. At some point during the conference posts and tweets, someone NOT at the conference questioned a reference my friend and incredibly smart colleague Donalyn Miller made to my book READING LADDERS. She was showing the audience at the conference how to ladder some nonfiction texts on the same topic. The tweet questioned the fact that my book is FIVE YEARS OLD! Why not something more recent was the query. Well, the fact is that the books were all recent books, just the basic concept of the reading ladder was "old." And I posted that sentiment to Facebook. I think the basic concepts of the book do not need updating. The book examples should be ones teachers could come up with on their own. As a matter of fact, Paul Hankins and I have had wonderful FB posts and comments about laddering new books we are reading. Someone suggested I set up a Facebook page with new titles. I countered with the fact that I post every single book I read to Facebook and Twitter and my book blog. I started feeling as though somehow I was not doing my part if I did not set something new up (and never mind the wiki where folks can post their own ladders that I set up 5 years ago).

Now, I know not everyone has the flexible time I do to read as many books as I do. But every one of us can find time to read. If we do not, what does that say about the value of books and reading?
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