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more burning questions

After 3 days of PD at the Texas Council of Teachers of English conference (TCTELA), I have so much swimming around in my brain. This morning's closing session with Donalyn Miller was brilliant. I posted out tons of things to Facebook and you can see her power point here:

But some questions arose in other sessions I attended. And so I have some more burning questions to pose here. I will also follow up on the previous post about questions, too, in subsequent blog postings.

1. What role can and should serial reading play in the lives of our students? One session presenter sort of dismissed series books as not good literature and formulaic. I disagree. Not all series books are created equal. Is there no value in serial reading? You bet there is. Most lifelong readers either are serial readers or once were serial readers (Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, Sue Barton, anyone?).

2. Are most reluctant readers boys? This was a statement from one of the sessions. I sort of know the truth here, but I think that girls are also reluctant readers. I think girls tend to play the game better. The game? "Why, yes, I did read the book. Thanks for recommending it to me." It is a bald-faced lie. I am just not sure that more reluctant readers are male.

3. Why, oh why, is there a need to assess every single book kids read? Some sessions talked about some new ideas for following up on the reading. It does not matter if we have new ways for kids to do book reports, why must we always have them DO something?


Why do teachers find it acceptable to talk during a presentation? I did post this to Facebook as well, but I want to state it here as well. During the luncheon presentation by Paul Janeczko, the noise from teachers talking made it hard to hear Paul. If students did this, what would happen? I suspect that these same teachers would be marching toward the offenders and using those "teacher look" and perhaps even escorting offenders outside. It is RUDE. It is DISRESPECTFUL. Someone suggested that perhaps these teachers were "processing" what they were hearing. Even if that were the case, go process elsewhere.

I feel better now. Rant over. For now.
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