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Survey Says!

Scholastic has completed a survey about kids and reading. You can see the entire report here: I think this is a survey we need to replicate with our own populations. The questions posed might give us a better picture of our kids and what they want to read and how we should approach independent reading in and out of school. I have one small criticism, something I have written about earlier in the week, and that is the use of the word "fun." I think referring to reading as "fun" might be misleading to kids and to parents. So, if I were to replicate the study, I would rephrase some of the questions. "Where do you read books for fun?" is not the same question as kids might define "fun" as something other than reading independently. However, this criticism aside, there are some broad strokes of data that we can and should share with parents, colleagues, and administrators.

Take this chart, for instance:


What role does CHOICE play in reading? Kids are more likely to finish reading a book if there is choice in reading material.

And this chart:

attitude chart free rdg

More than half of kids report that being able to have time at school to read is a positive experience (though I would love to see that number WAY higher).

And finally (for today. I will post more about the study tomorrow), look at this chart:

avg number books per year

Frequent readers read much, much more than infrequent readers. I know this might seem simplistic. However the incredible difference (20 X more books in elementary and 10 X more in middle and secondary). If we want kids to be college and career ready, they need to be READERS. We can take quite a bit from this study about how to help kids find books and become lifelong and frequent readers.

Is there more than this report? Certainly. We can talk about those things in future posts. For now, head over to the URL and begin reading.
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