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03 March 2007 @ 03:52 pm
Jumping on the bandwagon  

There has been much discussion on adbooks and middle_lit about Kate Thompson's THE NEW POLICEMAN. Already the winner of the Guardian and the Whitbread Award, the book has now made it across the pond and is published by Greenwillow. JJ is a gifted fiddle player who finds himself torn between playing the music he loves and hanging out with his friends at the clubs. On an errand for his mother, JJ is shown the souterrain of an old building. There is a connection between JJ's world and that of the sidhe (pronounced "she"). JJ slips into this other world, a place where time almost stands still. "Almost" is the problem in this new land. The people are accustomed to time standing still but somehow time is leaking into their midst and wreaking havoc with their way of life. Interestingly enough, JJ's world does not have enough time. In JJ's travels he encounters music, mayhem and perhaps an ancient connection between his family and the world of the fairies.

This absolutely entrancing novel with its short chapters and fast pace combines magic and traditional elements of folklore with an fascinating take on time and how it slips away from us so readily when we do not pay attention to what is important. And the new policeman? He and JJ share much.
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