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Happy New Year of Reading

It will take me a few weeks to remember that another year has gone by. Thankfully, I no longer have to grab the checkbook and scrawl 2015 on the date line of an entire book of checks since I seldom write checks in this day of electronic checking. While I know many will dedicate today's blog entries to resolutions, I will not. You see, I am a planner. If I get hold of a resolution, I want to put it on paper, plan it out in incremental steps, pick it to pieces. And that generally means not only failure but self-recrimination. I learned some time ago that I am better off not making resolutions on one day and expecting to carry them out each and every day hence.

I do not need to resolve to read. I already so that. It would be simple to write a resolution that has me setting goals for reading, goals I already know I can meet. Where is the resolution in that, though? Ditto, writing resolutions. Instead, I will continue to do what I think I do best: read books, write about books and reading, and reflect on these activities.

So, Happy New Year. Here is something for me to reflect on in the coming weeks. I thought you might find something interesting here as well. This link ( will take you to a Publisher's Weekly piece about a summit on children's books. There is much meat here, much to eat and digest. Have sumptuous feast to begin 2015.
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