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look back and looking ahead

This post at ( is a nice generic list of questions for reflecting on one's personal life. It lacks, IMHO, some questions for reflecting on the professional part of my life.

1. Did I reach as many students as possible?
2. Did I make adjustments based on my observations at the end of the semester (I can tweak after a course and not so much during a semester)?
3. Have I asked students for feedback multiple times during the course and not just in the usual course rating form?
4. Am I trying for more diversity in my readings and options for assignments?
5. Have I seen something new I might try?

And then there are some questions for my reading life:

1. Am I open to new forms and formats?
2. Am I taking time to read daily whenever possible?
3. Am I welcoming suggestions from others?
4. Am I abandoning too many books (or too few)?
5. Am I recommending books to others?

Questions, questions, questions.
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