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The company I keep

I have been fortunate in that I get to travel to different places and present workshops. But what makes me even more fortunate is that I also have the chance to attend sessions by some of the leading experts in the field. I know I came back from NCTE on a high after listening to some really smart people talk about connecting kids and books. Soon, I will listen to fellow English teachers in Texas at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Texas Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts (TCTELA), I have been a member of the organization under three appellations, not quite 50 years, but about half of them. And then in February, I get the chance t spend some time in the gorgeous setting of the Tan-ta-ra Resort in Osage Beach, Missouri. Here is the link:

Does your mouth not water at this list of stellar folks? And I get to hang with them, listen to them, interact with them for several days. I hope some of you can join us there. It will be cold, but the passion of these presenters will keep up warm (and I suspect there are some libations that can be found as well).
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