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I love my PLN. Yes, I know I say this often. But I really do love these folks who make me smarter every time we talk, text, email, and use our Voxer group for updates and reflections. This week, one of the members of the PLN was talking about having to transition from one brand of tea to another since the old brand was going away. Her local barista was helping her make the transition, giving her advice on how to develop a palate for the new flavors, strength, etc. Of course that made me think of how we do this for readers in our classrooms.

How do we scaffold transitions for kids as they move from board books to picture books to easy readers, chapter books, novels? How do we assist kids in moving from genre to genre? From fiction to nonfiction and back again? From graphic novel to novel in verse? Are we scaffolding these experiences? The answer is, I know from speaking to my PLN, a resounding YES. We book talk. We discuss. We demonstrate. We confer. We talk about our own experiences. We try to build scaffolds, ladders, thematic units, text sets, and the like.

I wonder how a program scaffolds?
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