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spring has sprung for a day

What I love about living here in the Lone Star state are days just like this. Sunny, high blue, low humidity, cool breeze, 70 degrees. Spring--it lasts a short time, but it is lovely while it lasts. After doing our usual Thursday run to buy groceries and supplies, I was able to curl up with a book. A FIELD GUIDE TO HIGH SCHOOL by Marissa Walsh is screamingly funny (for adult readers) and dead on (for teen readers). Andie is facing high school; her older sister Claire (the perfect one) has just headed off to Yale. But she has left behind for Andie and her best friend Bess a guide to surviving high school, especially ninth grade.

Using the form of an actual field guide, Walsh has had Claire identify the poisonous plants and animals to avoid, the landscape and layout of the habitat, and a terrific addition called Extra Credit that lists the must see TV shows and movies (thankfully I knew them all) and music (need a bit of catching up from the kids here)and a list of books for summer reading that is an homage to YA literature. What a perfect book! I cannot wait to see how my future junior and future ninth grader, both in the throes of course selection sheets receive this little gem.
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