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15 December 2014 @ 04:09 pm
Even though I finished grading a while ago, today is the official day they are recorded. I still do not like awarding letter grades. I wish we had a different way of evaluating student work. I try to make it so that students can complete assignments successfully. But there always are instances where deadlines are not met, where directions are not followed, where circumstances cause an assignment to be missed it left incomplete.

And so there will be some students who are left unhappy today because they were not as successful as they wanted to be in the class. How I wish I could guarantee success. But if everyone did the reading of the books and the text, then there is success. The success will occur not with the awarding of grades but with the utilization of the jnowledge gained in the readings. The success will be when the students make successful matches between books and teaders. Perhaps then the feeling of success will wash over them all.

It took me a while to feel this success (especially when I did not make the coveted A in class), but even now I have those small successes when a book I recommended finds its way into the heart of a reader. Ultimately, I claim that as success that truly matters.
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