professornana (professornana) wrote,

leaving on a jet plane

Headed back home after a remarkable week in Newport Beach. I am always happy to be home, but I have to admit that I also love getting away from home, too. I do not think this dichotomy is any different from what most folks experience. After all, home is supposed to be where the heart is. My BH is here, so there you go.

One of the reasons I have grown tool travel is that it provides me the time I cannot always find at home to sink into a book. The flight is just about long enough to complete a typical YA novel. And while no one likes delays, I do always have an extra book either in the bag or on my device. At home, Scout demands I take many breaks to admire him in all his Scout-ness. There are meals to cook, laundry to be done, emails to be answered. What if I simply schedule a "trip" each week and give myself he time to read as if I were on a plane? Hmmm.

A tip though about "plane" books: try to avoid ones that make you cry (it alarms others in your row) or guffaw (ditto the alarm).
Tags: books, reading
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