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Go ask Alice

I fell down another rabbit hole today. It is all the fault of Donalyn Miller. She and I host an online chat monthly on Twitter called #bproots. We find articles that talk about our best practices (that is the bp part) written by some of the best minds in our history (that is the roots part). We have read and discussed works by Dick Allington, Stephen Krashen, and others.

This week, I was casting about for some potential articles for our #bproots conversation on December 20th (please join us; we know it is the holiday season, but we promise it will be worth the hour of your time). So, I began by mentally listing some of the pioneers of my own literacy education: G. Robert Carlsen, Dick Abrahamson, Dora Smith, Nancy Coryell, Karen Kutiper, Daniel Fader, George Norvell. The problem is I need to find articles by these folks that everyone can access online. So, down the rabbit hole I went. Along the way there was a lot of zigzagging. I read a piece by Dona Gallo and that made me head over to one by Chris Crowe. And so it went until I noticed it was growing dark outside my office window. I dashed off a note to Donalyn with some suggestions and began backing out of Google Mode. But I know I will return to the rabbit hole and venture into other corners soon.

Do we give our kids the chance to do this? To follow a sudden course change? To discover things they did not even know they were looking for? Better question: how can we provide for this happy spelunking?
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