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Happy accidents

I know that the title might seems like an oxymoron. But there are occasions where accidents results in something unexpected, something interesting, something that makes me push beyond my boundaries.

As I was posting to social media the other day, I intended to use the word analyzing. What I tpyed was "alanizing." I am certain part of the reason was that I am here at ALAN, the joyous two day celebration oF all things YA. Often We ALANers are asked who ALAN is. ALAN is a what&: the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE. Now celebrating our 41st year as an assembly, ALAN pulls togetherness disparate groups including professors, librarians, educators, authors, publishers, and students who read, support, and enjoy YA literature. So perhaps "alanizing" is a good thing.

While I am on the subject, my autocorrect wants ego change the word Lexile to either evil or exile. Happy accident or a case of autocorrect understanding the damage of lexiles, levels, bands,and labels? You decide.
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