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Terry Trueman rocks

Terry Trueman's books have altered the landscape of YA literature. Beginning with his STUCK IN NEUTRAL and continuing along to INSIDE OUT and other titles, Trueman often gives voice to characters that would remain mute. Shawn, the protagonist of STUCK IN NEUTRAL, suffers from cerebral palsy. His narration is all interior as he literally cannot speak. INSIDE OUT gives readers insight into the mind of Zach, a schizophrenic, who is held hostage in a robbery. In his latest book, Trueman gives us Scott, a third baseman hoping for a shot at the majors. However, Scott's senior year and playoff experience has been diminished ever since his best friend came out to him. Travis' announcement causes Scott to flash back to an incident months earlier in the batting cages when Travis managed to smack himself in the kisser and mangle his nose. Now all Scott can think of is that he had Trav's blood on his hands.

A worker at the health clinic tells Scott his AIDS test results will take 7 days. And that is the structure of the book: 7 days in Scott's life as he attempts to process all that has changed in his life. Trueman does an incredible job of once again creating characters who are facing obstacles, sometimes of their own making. Scott loves baseball, lives baseball, Can the lessons at the hot corner help Scott deal with his problems off the field as well?

Trueman has carved out his own territory in the YA landscape. However, he proves with 7 DAYS and his previous book, NO RIGHT TURNS, that he has range beyond his own niche.
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