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finally, some sleep

There is something to be said for a good night's sleep. Yesterday was a draining day at NCTE, It began with the ALAN breakfast at 7 am. But for those of us active in ALAN, the call to assemble was for 6 am. From there, I went to meetings and from the meetings to my presentation at the Middle Mosaic. Finally, I made it back to the room in time to grade some work from my grad students and tumble into the bed. Trust me when I tell you that you are much happier that I did not try to post last night. However, you might not like me all perky and caffeinated, either. Because the first thing I saw this morning was a tweet proclaiming a new book that shows Hunger Games as 'literature.'

To be fair, this is an academic book analyzing the Hunger Games, some 250 plus pages long. But it is the HUNGER GAMES AS LITERATURE pronouncement that set my teeth on edge. Helloo. Hunger Games IS literature. It was literature before this book analyzng it. It will continue to be literature even if no one except we academics reads the analytical discussion. I know I might be accused of being oveerly sensitive. I am not being overly senstivie. YA and children's lit is often patted on the head in statements like, 'I was surprised by how good it was.

You see, I am never surprised at the quality that exists in literature for youth. I know the incredible art and story that exists in books. I marvel daily at the talent this field offers. And yet, there is still that condescension, that intimation that once we have kids hooked on read, the REAL JOB of youth literature, then it is time to move along to the REAL literature. Sorry to burst your bubble, snobs, but this is REAL literature. We need to challenge this condescenstion each and every time we encounter it. Time to SpeakLoudly for the literature.
Tags: books, condescending, literature, reading, youth
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