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YALSA Come Join Us

I joke about YALSA being such a Texas sort of word. It sounds like we are inviting folks to come join us (and we are). Today, Karin Perry and I presented a preconference on nonfiction to the YALSA Lit symposium here in Austin. We were a tad nervous as this is a new presentation for us, but the audience of about 100 seemed to findit interesting and entertaining. Of course, having Steve Shrinkin and Susan Campbell Bartoletti on hand certainly did make the morning pass quickly. Here are some wonderful quotes from these talented authors. First, Steve Sheinkin

"History is full of moral contradictons."

"I only write UP and not DOWN for younger readers."

"There is no difference between comics, movies, and novels when it comes to story."

And from Susan Campbell Basrtoletti:

"If you feel comfortable with the cover of They Called Themselves the KKK, there is somethibng wrong with you."

"Big Air moments often happen in ordinary moments."

And from Tanya Lee Stone quoted by Susan:

"The starrting line or extreme researchers is the library while an amateur researcher runs the whole race there."
Tags: nonfiction
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