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A new book by E. Lockhart is a cause for celebration. So, when the lovely and talented Linda Benson sent me Lockhart's latest book for review, I was thrilled to say the least. So, this afternoon I curled up in the reading chair with a cat at my head (snoring) and one at my feet (hissing when I dared to move and disturb her slumber) and read it cover to cover.

I love Sadye and Demi the two teens whose summer dream comes true when they are accepted at a drama camp. Demi, thrilled to be somewhere he does not have to pretend to be straight, takes the camp by storm. Soon he has landed leads in two plays and great roles in another. Sadye, despite her efforts, manages two small roles. She collides with the directors, manages to argue with Demi about stupid things, and generally is frustrated. She wants more than anything to be a part of the world of the theater, but she cannot seem to please anyone even herself.

The story does not end with summer: Lockhart manages to follow up with the characters once the summer is over. An appendix provides a playlist and a listing of the plays and musicals featured in the story. As a huge fan of Broadway and a frustrated ham, I absolutely identified with Sadye and her pals at summer camp. I suspect lots of readers will as, despite their interest in theater, these characters share lots in common with every teen.

Don't forget that tonight is the Ellen Wittlinger online chat. Information is at the ALAN web site:
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