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out of the mouths of babes and BHs

We had a new lector at Sunday's mass. I winced during her reading of the epistle. After church, my BH remarked on the reading before I could even raise the topic. "What was up with the lector?" he asked. He noticed not only the mispronounced words (and, granted, facade is not a word one runs into often, so I give her that one, though pronouncing it fa-KADE certainly points to one of the failings of phonics and phonemic awareness), but the fact that her reading showed an appalling disconnectedness between and among words and phrases. Prosody and fluency were missing. While the BH did not have our jargon, he noticed it as well.

Now I know I may be making a leap here, but this was a young woman, one who could quite possibly be a product of the NCLB, phonics, pillars, etc. curriculum that has passed for reading in the past decade or so. So, I guess maybe college and career readiness might think about including prosody and fluency, right?

I am off tomorrow to the YALSA Symposium in Austin where Karin Perry and I will present a preconference on nonfiction with authors Steve Sheinkin and Susan Campbell Bartoletti. We are both thrilled and nervous. After we finish our piece, we will have a couple of days to hang out in sessions with some of the best and brightest in YA literature: authors, editors, librarians, educators. We return just in time to unpack and then repack for NCTE. This is my favorite time of year. I might be drained by Thanksgiving, but I will have so much for which to be grateful.
Tags: fluency, prosody, reading
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