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Guilt ridden or ridding guilt?

I have my priorities. Tomorrow is given partly to a much needed trip to get my hair cut before I head off to back to back conferences. I am looking forward to the trip to the salon. It means I will have some uninterrupted time to read. That is precious these days as reading has had to sit on the sidelines while I get presentations put together. Oh, I am fitting in some reading here and there. I read 5 picture books this morning before the meetings that consumed the rest of the day took over. And I am already looking forward to the flight to DC for NCTE as it means time to read.

I know that there are times when my reading life has to take a back seat to writing or grading or teaching or travel or, or or. I used to fell enormous guilt. Now, I just try to go with the flow, so to speak. Sometimes reading takes the front seat and sometimes it has to sit in the back seat. Given that I have a huge backlog of books to blog, maybe the back seat is a good place for reading right now?

My friend and colleague Kylene Beers wrote about dormant readers many years ago. Sometimes we need to be those dormant readers. As long as we know that the dormancy will give way eventually, it is part of the cycle, right?
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