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Guess who is back?

The gentleman who accused me of deleting his comments to my blog post which criticized is back at it. This time he tweeted something that said he was once again not permitted to comment:

Dan Kleinman (@SafeLibraries)
10/11/14, 11:50 AM
@ProfessorNana I just commented again, and again it was marked as spam. It is not spam. Please mark it as not spam and publish it.

I replied (yes, I should know better) that I had not blocked comments on the blog. I checked the comment page on my blog and there is nothing there for me to "mark" and publish. Here is the screen shot:

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 4.44.56 PM

Here was his response:

Dan Kleinman (@SafeLibraries)
10/11/14, 3:41 PM
One way censors work is marking legit comments as spam or leaving them that way. Sorry, @ProfessorNana @SamHoustonState, but you do that.

This is the end of you, sir. I published your last comment after you put it on your blog insisting I had abridged your freedom. Now you are just simply baiting me and falsely accusing me of being a censor. My time would be better spent reading more books and writing more articles and posts about censorship. So tweet away with your accusations. Accuse me of censoring your comments. Generate some more fuel for your blog. Paint me and anyone who dare object to your form of censorship however you like.

For anyone who is confused, check out the blog post from October 9, 2014, in which I cut and pasted this gentleman's blog post directly into my blog so he could have his "say." He accused me then of blocking his comments (and, once again, I did NOT). So, this is the end. Tweet, post, do what you will. I am going to continue to SpeakLoudly about censorship in all of its forms.

Readers of the blog can see how I feel about censorship by reading my first column for The ALAN Review:
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