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Here Ya Go!

Dan Kleinman of posted the following to his web site. For the record, I did not censor his comments from my web site. His comments bounced back to him as spam. He asked that I open my comments so he could post (I had the comments set to screen as I did not want anonymous posts). So, in the interest of my stand on censorship, here is his post in response to my own.

This "goddess of YA literature" and "the Book Woman" censored out my response despite request, so I'll publish it here so you can see what was blocked, and this censor is also a professor in the Department of Library Science at the Sam Houston State University:


Thanks for writing about me. I see you are "annoyed." Are you the Annoyed Librarian? You have misrepresented me and ascribed words to me I did not say. Had you spoken with me I could have set you right. I am certain you do not wish to intentionally mislead your readers. is years old and has been replaced, as the site warns. I haven't updated it in many years. People are allowed to improve, right? The quote you cited on the main page was not mine. The quote on the Porn Pushers page is mine, but without context, I'd have to agree with you that it's a gem. The PABBIS site is not mine and it is even older.

My SafeLibraries blog is updated regularly. It references reliable sources, such as Judith Krug saying in the rare instance a book does not meet a school's selection policy, "get it out of there." I am not aware that it violates copyright, but I suspect you mainly had the PABBIS site in mind since it provides multiple, extensive excerpts. I don't do that.
Professor Nana, how would you like to speak with me directly about your concerns? Then you can report more accurately on the topic.

Overarching all, however, is the actions of ALA that I report, not that people don't like that I report it or how I report it. For example, #TeamHarpy is now discussing sexual harassment of librarians. Great! I have been speaking about that topic for many years but ears close because of my connecting the dots showing sexual harassment of librarians can be laid directly at the feet of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom and its pro child pronography policy. In reality, sexual harassment of librarians can be laid directly at the feet of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. I report on it. ALA does not. Indeed, OIF's Deborah Caldwell-Stone recently said, mainly in response to me, sexual harassment of librarians almost never happens. I'm happy #TeamHarpy is discussing sexual harassment of librarians, but I have been discussing it for years, people like you attack the messenger, and OIF to this day makes light of sexual harassment of librarians. Have you helped anyone by mocking/silencing a whistleblower?

Professor Nana, who is the real problem here? The inartful reporter, as you may view me, or the powerful ALA OIF in a position to exacerbate the sexual harassment of librarians by claiming it almost never happens so not filtering child pronography may continue unabated? And that's just one example.
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