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I do so love following links from the educational newsletters I receive via email almost daily. Today's little venture into the Interwebs landed me at a sight for a product guaranteed to help me get kids to understand the CCSS standards they do not get. Yes, apparently despite all of the PD and manuals and lesson plans and testing, there are still standards kids find too difficult. I wondered, "Gosh, which of those standards are tripping up kids? Must be those new rigorous ones, right?" Nope. According to the website (, PK-8 graders are wrestling with analyzing text structure and determining central ideas or themes and summarizing details. Wait! What?

More than 750,000 kids (according to the web site) are having trouble with these standards. How did the company come to this conclusion? Data, of course. Data mining from millions of students across the CCSS country is providing companies the wherewithal to produce even more materials for classroom use (and purchase, of course). Of course, if kids are not getting this, the fault must lie with the lesson plans being delivered and not with the testing that "measures" this learning.

This newsletter is all about product. Here is the banner:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.55.54 AM

I really want RIGOR I CAN SEE, don't you?
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