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Heart Mind and Soul

Reading nourishes the mind. We have ample evidence that students who spend at least 20 minutes a day reading score better on tests and have larger vocabularies. But reading also nourishes the heart and the soul. While I know this type of nutrition might not move education reformists, they move me. Students who read develop empathy, they learn about the world around them, they see that not everyone is just like them. The not only THINK, they FEEL.

I am reminded of this almost every time I pick up a book. Yesterday, I read a book with no pictures aloud to the conference audience at the Jan Paris Book Fest. I have to admit that this was unplanned. I had purchased the book the day before the conference after reading it at a bookstore. I knew I had to own a copy so that I could play with it a bit and read it multiple times.

So, just like a good elementary school teacher, I turned the book out to face the audience and read. The reaction was all I had hoped: folks laughed. After the presentation, they came up to look at the book more closely. I hope that many of them proceeded to purchase a copy of their own as well.

I have written and presented about a reader's heart. I think I will noodle around a bit with the concept of a reader's soul next.
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