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hi from sunny San Diego

A quick blog from vacationing in San Diego. Read THE BOYFRIEND LIST on the flight here to San Diego and loved every minute of it as I know my teens will as soon as I get back. I adored the fresh and honest narrator and her take on boys and relationships. She has a great self-deprecating sense of humor (as do I) and her voice seems authentic to me. I know YA readers will appreciate the story as it deals with friendships, boys, parents, and all the other stuff that comprises adolescent life.

Am in the middle of reading CONFESSIONS OF A CLOSET CATHOLIC and like the concept of a Jewish girl giving up her religion for Lent. She confesses her sins to her teddy bear (Father Ted) in her closet and has a Hail Mary cheat sheet. As someone who has been a Catholic for too many years to mention, I find this take on religion refreshing. It seems to me we are seeing faith and religion become more of a topic in books recently. Perhaps that is why Patty Campbell, the wise leader of ALAN, has a session on books and spirituality set for the workshop in Pittsburgh in November???

More once I get back home.............
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