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How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Sorry if I now have this song from THE SOUND OF MUSIC trapped in your skull? It's here because one of the lines refers to catching a wave and pinning it down. I have also heard a reference somewhere to nailing down a piece of Jello. And that is how I feel about this web site and blog: When you pull it up, an icon of a person reading shows up in the URL bar. I immediately have warm, cozy feelings. Those are soon blown to smithereens as soon as I read this: "playboy's own sex and violence agenda long funded the american library association and its freedom to read ... campaign. such a conflict of interest becomes significant when the ala seeks to bring into our libraries previously prohibited "harmful matter" produced by one of its legal patrons. ...."

Okay, the ELAR teacher in me wants a red pen, but the right-to-read person that I am wants to shriek at the misinformation perpetuated here. Click on some of the links. Go ahead, I will wait for you. What's that? Are you screaming, rending your garments, tearing out your hair yet? If you clicked on the "porn pushers" link you should be. Goo ahead, I'll wait again. How do you like this gem? "the ala is implicitly admitting that it compiles lists of books that are both sexually inappropriate and "not the most literary" as well. this is an authoritative source for book selections?"

Spend some time here and see if this is a site that is authoritative or is it a site that purports to speak the truth but indeed is not. We need to know the opposition, the ones who hide behind words such ass "safe," "decent," "patriotic," etc. Like Parents Against Bad Books in Schools (, this site and the blog ( use language that obfuscates at best; it misleads and it lies. And it violates copyright. And it uses references that seem to make it all legitimate.

More than likely I will now be hounded by the trolls, but this is the week set aside to SpeakLoudly. I join a colleague who posted that she believes we should celebrate each and every week as Banned Books Week, so we can celebrate the FREADOM to read.
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