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Check your sources

Buzzfeed recently reported on some Pew Research about books and reading for ages 16+. They reduced the report to a list of ten here: But I wanted to see the full report. And I encourage you to do the same. While we do not have facts and figures for anyone younger than 16, I would like to think that 16 year olds do not arrive at their intere4sts and preferences and habits upon reaching that age, so I think we can still draw some conclusions even for younger audiences. Here are a few of the findings I found fascinating.


This reports on the percentage of 16+ year olds read for pleasure. The numbers are heartening. More than three-quarters of high school kids (78%) read for pleasure. More than half (57%) report reading daily. They use libraries, and they purchase books. Sometimes the doom and gloom being reported causes me to wonder about our future. But these numbers give me hope.

Granted, this survey was "limited" to the 6000+ surveyed. I think it would be fascinating for teachers to replicate this survey in their own classrooms to see whether or not the results are similar.
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