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What Liz Says

I am so fortunate to have the job I do. Teaching children's and YA literature in a library science program has allowed me to stand in two different "camps" over the last 25 years. I am an English teacher by education and by vocation. I teach folks who want to be school librarians. I do not possess an MLS nor any school library experience. Except I DO. I was in my school library before and after school as well as weekly with my classes. I developed a classroom library and curated it. I have talked to thousands of librarians about books and booktalks and reading. No, I am not a certified librarian, but I have learned so much about the field in 25 years.

Sometimes I am frustrated because it seems as though teachers and librarians remain locked within their own "camps." But I know so many librarians who love collaborating with teachers and vice versa. So imagine how much I love this post from Liz Burns (and if you are not reading her blog, make it a point to do so regularly):

Here is ONE of my favorite passages from Liz' post: "I'm afraid that part of the reason literature is looked at as "what can it do for the reader," "what benefit it gives," is that, sadly, is the world we live in - what is valued is not being lost in the book, but the test taken after reading to prove that the message was received and the lesson understood. Reading is literacy and grades, test scores and college applications, jobs and promotions."

For me, it reflects back on some of what Donalyn Miller was talking about last week in her post about language arts and crafts. It seems as though reading always has to have some follow up activity, some purpose other than to connect us with books and reading and writers.

Liz ends her piece with a plea that reading be just for PLEASURE. How would we increase the number of lifelong readers if we allowed reading to be just that: a PLEASURE? Thanks, Liz.
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