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The Girlfriend Project

It has been a pleasure actually to go into the office this past week because of all the riches that seem to arrive daily. I adore opening up boxes and envelopes and throwing books into the backpack that takes 'em home. THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT was a perfect book for today as I am nursing a cold. It was chicken soup for my stuffed head. Reed Walton has gone from dork to stud over the summer. His best friends and next door neighbors, the twins Ronnie and Lonnie, are helping him adjust to his new status. Instead of the girls ignoring him, he is now the heartthrob of the same girls who snubbed him. However, it takes some learning for Reed to deal with his new-found status. So, Ronnie opens a web site where others can chime in on Reed's questions. With all the attention, what Reed wants most is the one girl he probably cannot ever have.

There is a lot to like in this unpredictable romance/friendship/coming of age novel. Reed, despite his new hunk appearance, still finds his job at the library an interesting one. He still considers the feelings of others and is not out for revenge. And Reed's grandmother's attempts to win the New Jersey state motto contest provides even more humor. Though the cover will attract more female readers, I hope some guys will discover this novel, too.
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