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Here's what can happen

Here is the result of a challenge against Sherman Alexie's National Book Award winner, THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN (note: I require it of my YA class):

The headline seems to tell us everything is all right. The book will be retained. But do read the entire story to see what is behind the headline. First, it will be retained as a novel for AP high school classes, but other students will need parental permission to check it out of the library. "Hey, Mom, could you write me a letter of permission to check a book out of my library? Why do I need permission?" Gulp. If the parent is like any of my friends, they BUY a copy of the book. However, there are other kids who will never get permission to check out the book because just having it on that special shelf means parents might be wary.

One of the things this whole challenge points to is the need to have a policy in place BEFORE challenges occur. Check to see what your district's Reconsideration of Materials Policy is. If you do not have one, suggest that one be put into place. There are resources to assist you:

Also be sure you know your library's policy for selection/collection development. Again, ALA has some resources if one does not exist:

Being prepared if Step One.
Tags: censorship, idiocy
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