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put your money where MY mouth is?

I made a donation last week to ALS. No ice bucket (mostly because Karin Perry and I got busy and forgot to do it), but I did want to donate. And then I had to read all of the negative posts on FB about why we should not donate to ALS. The same thing happened several years ago when I grew my hair out and donated it for Locks for Love. Folks felt it was their duty to tell me that I SHOULD have donated to a different organization that was better.

I appreciate that folks are looking out for our well being, but you do need to consider whether your post is making someone feel badly about doing something nice. Think about this in a classroom setting. You went the extra mile and came to work early to help a fellow teacher prepare for a special event in his class. His comment was that he could have used the help sooner. Or an administrator might comment that your staying late to counsel with a student callused her to have to stay late as well and could this not be done earlier in the day? Or a student took the letter of recommendation you had written muttering that now he needed to find a stamp and envelope and mail it himself. How do you feel in these circumstances?

Yes, I can put on my big girl pants and get past this. No, this does not mean I am done with donations. Despite how I feel about the Gates intrusion in education, I sent funds to two projects on Donors Choose last weekend because the Gates Foundation was matching dollar for dollar. Now some kids have books and other kids got school supplies. And though I do not always appreciate the word from the pulpit of my church when it becomes too political, I continue to donate especially to those organizations in my faith community that reach out to the poor in our parish.

And now, I need to turn my attention to some writing. I will work hard to turn off the inner critic (or at least turn the volume down a bit). The outer critics are free to assist me.

ETA: Shortly after pressing SUBMIT, I had the epiphany I was waiting for earlier. I have ut my finger on why this whole issue rattled me. Because of the nature of my work, I am often evaluated. I receive evaluations each semester from students at the university. When I speak somewhere, there is generally some sort of follow up evaluation. I read the evaluations. And I remember the ones that are critical despite the overwhelming positive comments. Is that just me or is it human nature? So, when I read the negative comment, that tends to be what I take to heart. I guess that makes me childish or adolescent or just human.
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