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So this happened last week

Duncan quote

Head spinning, right? Testing has gotten out of control? And it only took how many years to figure this all out, Secretary Duncan?

Of course, the response from AFT was to call for a moratorium on tests. Not a review of CCSS or a halt to these new tests. Just a let's-wait-a-bit-and-regroup.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for the blog post with the information:

Why is there not more of a spotlight here, I wonder? Could it be because these are words and not actions? Extending waivers is not a solution to the problems Duncan et al have created with RttT and CCSS. Why can we not admit that it is time for a thorough review of educational policies that were made in haste and written by those outside of a classroom? Why can we not place a hold on the $$$ pouring into the Pearson coffers? Or the "new" SAT? Or all the new test prep materials?

Lots of questions here and precious few answers.
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