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Ex or In?

While Paul Hankins and others have been discussing AR and the need for INTRINSIC reward (and I even hate using the word reward here) for reading, I have been reading several back-to-school advice blogs linked to NCLE and other professional organizations. One touted a list of things principals could do to motivate staff. Not surprisingly, the list consisted of EXTRINSIC motivations. If a leader seeks to inspire her or his staff, perhaps the motivation needs to be less extrinsic and much more intrinsic as well?

So, instead of posting atta-boys and atta-girls, how about this:

1. Seek the advice of the staff on matters that matter. We have a new dean in our COE. I was impressed that she went to visit faculty members and seek their advice and their input. She came to our offices. She asked what was on our minds? She made suggestions about changes she wanted to make and asked what we thought (and I believe she was really interested in hearing our advice, too).

2. Visit our classrooms as frequently as you can and not just when it is time for evaluations. Come and sit in the back and listen and observe.

3. Support us in our PD. Offer to find the funding to send folks to conferences, particularly when they are presenting. BTW, there are plenty of local PD opportunities and online webinars that are low cost (and some are actually FREE!).

4. Give us time for collaboration. We need time to talk to one another and not one more day of listening to one person talk to us. Conversations need to be TWO way, especially at the beginning of the year when we are psyched and full of ideas and raring to go.

5. Open your door. Invite us in. We want to be a part of the success of the school.
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