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Easy Peasy?

Sometimes I feel guilty for continuing to beat a dead horse (and I checked to see how old this idiom is and it dates back to the mid 1800s), but when journalists and bloggers are sloppy, they deserve the flogging. Here is the latest item to catch my eye: Entitled, DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT THE COMMON CORE IS?, the same old inaccuracies are trotted out one more time to assure us all that CCSS is the magic bullet. The author does not understand all the "hub hub" when CCSS is "easy peasy" to comprehend. Here are the salient points that those of us who do to "get it" must be missing.

1. "It's a list of skills and concepts designed to ensure that all kids, no matter where they live or how much money they have or don't have, learn the same basic things." Notice how we have eliminated funding as a consideration here. Note also that these are considered on the part of the writer to be "basic." No mention of the concerns about some of the basic things being developmentally inappropriate. No mention of these basics being written by folks with little to NO classroom teaching experience. No mention of the basics being written from the top (12th grade) down (K).

2. "There's more emphasis on critical thinking, writing and reading.". Yes, in the past we did not include critical thinking. We did not teach writing or reading. This is all new. Thank you so much CCSS for helping us poor old teachers learn new stuff. Yes, insert sarcastic font throughout this.

3. "Technology is "blended" into the curriculum." And not just the privileged will have the chance to use technology. First, the poor teachers will be taught how to use tech (gee, thanks, I am clueless when it comes to tech). What I want to know here is how the playing filed will be leveled since some kids will have access outside of school and some will not.

There is one final attack about those of us who are not as fond of CCSS as this person. It is the old, we-are-falling-behind-other-nations plea.

When I see this level of disdain (hub hub and easy peasy were clues I obtained even without close reading) about anyone who would challenge the failure that is CCSS, I am going to get our my whip and beat that dead horse again and again (even though I have these awful visions of Black Beauty every time I use this idiom).
Tags: ccss, idiocy
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