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18 August 2014 @ 04:08 pm
Wise advice  
Jon Scieszka has some terrific advice for parents here: http://parnassusmusing.net/2014/08/17/jon-scieszka-on-how-to-get-kids-to-read-tip-stopping-telling-them-how-important-reading-is/.

I think each and every teacher needs to take this advice to heart as well. Take this wonderful set of instructions: "Do not insist they read “classics” because you had to. Do not refuse to get a book for them because it isn’t up to their reading level. Do not tell them (or me, or anyone) that they are “reluctant readers.”

My friend Paul Hankins wrote about AR on his blog on the same day Scieszka's piece pub bed. Here is the link to Paul's blog: http://paulwhankins.edublogs.org.

Let us PLEASE stop dealing with numbers and concentrate on the WORDS and THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS instead.
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