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As schools begin again in earnest, I know many teachers could use some resources. I wish I could send all of you gift cards to bookstores and office supply companies, but I offer you what I know I can provide for anyone interested. Here are a few resources for locating quality nonfiction for your students.

This is a link to the VOYA Nonfiction Honor List for 2013.

The CBC list of Notable Books for Social Studies is produced annually. Here is the link to the information about the lists. You can also download lists from previous years.

Another great CBC list is the Outstanding Science Trade Books. This link takes you to the site where you can read more about the list and download lists from past years.

YALSA has a list of excellent NF books for young adults. Each year, a shortlist is announced in the fall and then the winner announced at the Midwinter Conference in January.

The Sibert is the children's book award for nonfiction. This link takes you to the home page.

Here is the page for the Orbis Pictus Award which recognizes excellence in nonfiction.

I am just providing the tip of the iceberg here, but it should help get you started in identifying some terrific books to share with your kids.
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