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Paulsen does it again

When his grandmother gives him an old riding mower for his birthday, little does our 12 year old protagonist suspect that he will do great things with this present. As soon as he fires up the engine, he is approached by person after person eager to have lawn service. A fluke meeting with an investor named Arnold allows our lawn boy to establish a connection to the stock market. Arnold arranges for Pasqual and his "cousins" to help Lawn Boy. Faster than you can blink, Lawn Boy is not just raking the green, he is raking in the green.

Short chapters, Paulsen's adeptness at pacing and his comic genius combine to make this a book that even reluctant readers will inhale. Its length (96 pp) is perfect as well. BTW, there is more than a little lesson here on economics, too. No cover to show as the book is slated for a summer release from Wendy Lamb Books.
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