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The Noah Principle

I have written about this principle before. It states that prizes will not be for predicting rain but for building boats. It seems to be that many of the de-formers in education are happier predicting rain. Few are helping build the boats. Count among their numbers now, Campbell Brown. She appeared on The Colbert Report this week to talk about her lawsuit. She managed to evade some questions, ones she would have insisted be answered in the days she was a journalist.

So, let's begin with a few facts (something Brown plays with in a sort of fast-and-loose way). She has 1 year of teaching experience. She taught English overseas for a year. That is it. Period. One year. And ow she is, of course, an expert just like some of her pals in the education deform industry.

Another fact, Brown's own children are not in public schools. They attend private schools, religious schools. What is her standing then? She is "concerned" that tenure makes teaching a lifetime guaranteed job. On the heels of Vergara, Brown is attempting to have tenure stripped from NY teachers. Yes, that is correct. Strip teachers of their due process protections. This makes her an advocate? I think it makes her something of a deformer, someone who would emote rights from one group while advocating for rights for another. She does support charter schools as a way to 'fix" education. Sigh.

Ms. Brown, how about building some boats? Take than $100K you raised for commercials telling mayoral candidates to stand up to unions and spend the same amount in some of the schools around NYC where poverty levels are alarming, where kids come to school without food, where kids and their families are barely hanging on to food and shelter. Use your fame to raise monies for schools, the public schools. Use your family connections to get some of those 1%ers to donate funds to schools that might create some parity between them and the private schools their kids attend.

Are there bad teachers? I am sure there are. Are there bad journalists. You bet. Go clem up your own backyard. When you are done getting rid of all the BAD journalists, come back and talk to some teachers about how you can truly help education. We would be pleased to be your SOURCES.
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