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I am here in Little Rock attending and presenting at the Arkansas Association of School Librarians. Today I got to hear book talks (always a treat for me) and listen to Ruta Sepetys talk about her books (still absolutely bowled over by her talk). Then, I did a a session on picture books for K-12 readers.

Dinner was at the Governor's Mansion (no, I am not kidding). As we walked up to the door, there was the Governor strolling outside. He greeted us, shook my hand, and welcomed me to the "People's House." The Governor's wife brought greetings which included sharing a book with his (Winston, the Book Wolf) and her Flat Stanley as well. Dinner was lovely. Then, Ruta Sepetys talked about history and our stories as well.


I have to admit, I am blown away. Politicians who act as host and hostess and mean it, who support literature and literacy even when there are no cameras nearby, who care deeply about the people and especially the children of the state.

I am including some photos here. One is of the staircase with each riser featuring the name of a Governor of the state (Faubus, Clinton, Rockefeller, etc.), the room in which we dined, the Governor with Ruta. The grounds of the mansion were equally stunning and we walked around a but after dinner, too. What a terrific day!


Tomorrow, I speak at the closing luncheon and then it is back home to Texas to prepare for workshops next week in Aldine. But I had to take some time to share this wonderful event with all of you.
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