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bless you Adriene Waintraub

A nice box of ARCs from Random House arrived while I was out of town. I grabbed a handful of galleys to read now and a few more to take on the next road trip. Of course, the first one I selected was CAMP BABYMOUSE by Jenni and Matt Holm. I have already admitted by addiction to BabyMouse. I adore her and the graphic novels in which she is featured. In Camp BabyMouse, our heroine heads off for 2 weeks at sleepaway camp certain that all will be well. Predictably, there is much to be learned about camping, and BabyMouse is in for her share of lessons about bunks, mess hals, and demerits.

There are so few graphic novels for young readers. BabyMouse not only fills a void, it does so while providing great good humor and illustrations that complement the story. I loved the first books so much I agreed to do a reader's guide for the first 4 books. You can download the PDF at:


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