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back to school supplies

I admit it: I love buying pens and paper and stuff whether or not it is time to go back to school or not. But lately, the displays in office stories are growing with bask to school aisles and displays. I saw folders for a penny recently, and I had to keep myself from buying some. I have no need for folders, mind you, but they were on sale!

The back to school supplies for my courses in the fall are fairly predictable: books and time to read. Students will have a new reading list this flu, one I have been revising for some time. I have cut back on the required and opened up more CHOICE of books. Granted, the choice is still limited, but I am feeling my way to a more open selection thanks, in part, to a great conversation with Margaret Hale. My colleague Karin Perry helped me make some tough decisions in terms of cutting required and how to offer more choice. It has been a process of collaboration, one I hope will benefit students in the fall.

I think the supplies I require are essential for success as a school librarian. School librarians need to read, need to know books. They need to know how to connect kids to books, too. That means knowing kids, books, and strategies and activities for connecting the two. I wrote about this in my first book 11 years ago. It is still true today.

As these final weeks drift away, I wish all teachers time to read and stacks of books at the ready. Right now I am stacking books for an upcoming trip to Arkansas. Priorities, you know.
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