professornana (professornana) wrote,

Soon, I promise

Today's agenda included two Skype sessions. In the morning,the ALAN Executive Committee met via Skype to talk about the fall workshop, upcoming elections (information is on the website:, some potential new projects, and more. We do this monthly to make sure we are hitting deadlines and making headway. I have enjoyed being the Executive Director of ALAN for 4 years. One more year is left before someone else gets the chance to become a leader of ALAN. I look forward to passing on the torch, too.

Early this afternoon I had the chance to Skype with Dr. Vic Malo's class. I still miss FTF chances to interact with students, so even though the FTF is via video, it is so enriching. When I listen to the questions and comments, I know there are so many bright, energetic, and dedicated teachers coming into schools today.

Now, though, it is nap time for me. I am hoping the antibiotics start conquering this bacterial infection soon. Once they work, I will work. I promise.
Tags: hope, skype, work
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