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With a little help from my friends

I have the best friends. Really, I am blessed. What I adore is that they send me links and notes giving me fodder for the blog. Despite feeling puny today, I did manage to get online for a while. Here is one of the wonderful jpegs awaiting me:

CCSS cartoon

Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about reliable sources. As I was napping later in the day, I began musing about odds and ends and I wondered:

1. It seems to me that most of the folks calling for reform went to school at some point in their youth. They seem to have turned out just fine. We have dot commers, politicians, and a host of others who are doing well in their professional lives and yet believe schools are failing. How do we get from successful to critical?

2, There seems to be an alarming trend of unreliable sources. And the information us coming from sources we have traditionally trusted. How did that happen?

3. Why the reliance on testing? Did these reformers fall in love with testing at some point in their lives? I wonder how they would fare on PARRC and other assessments?

4. Where is the data showing improvement now that we have these new and rigorous and improved standards? I know it has only been a short time, but should we not have some data and then perhaps some evidence?

That's all for today. I am slowly in the mend, but I need to conserve some energy for crawling back into bed. Stay tuned...
Tags: ccss, data, evidence, sources


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