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I love Apps. They crowd the screens of my mobile devices. I do presentations on Apps for various audiences. However, when I read a blog that touts apps that can teach or promote skills or strategies, I want to tear my hair out. The latest egregious offender was a post on apps that promote close reading. First and foremost, apps do not TEACH or PROMOTE. And to suggest that the Kindle app promotes close reading is just flat out absurd. I have been reading eBooks for some time. I do not read eBooks any more closely than I do traditional print or even audiobooks. Yes, I am aware that the Kindle can highlight text, etc. However, that is NOT close reading, folks. Ditto using speed reading apps or apps that count the amount of time you read online. Creating a PDF for your notes is also not close reading.

I wonder how long before this type of mis-APP-lication spreads? How long before there is an APP for that? How long before teachers are replaced with Apps that promote, teach, clarify, etc. any and every thing?

Let's set aside the bells and whistles.
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