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new heights of fantasy

The ever-gracious Linda Benson, VOYA book review editor, took pity on my poor eyes after lasik and gave me an extension for my review of WORLDWEAVERS. Thea is the seventh child of two seventh children. As such, much is expected of her in terms of her magic abilities. Unfortunately, she does not appear to have even the most basic of skills. Her parents are planning to send her to the Wandless Academy where others who have no powers are consigned by parents who figure at least they can learn something to make them productive adults.

Before Thea's exile, her father tries one last ditch attempt to find some magic in his daughter by transporting her back in time to the First World where she is placed in tbe care of Cheveyo, a tribal elder and someone who understands that Thea is indeed a powerful presence. Through the work of Cheyeo and Spider Woman, Thea comes to know her gift and how it might come to use in the future. Off she goes to the Wandless Academy where she finds friendship and acceptance and danger.

Alma Alexander has woven quite a fantasy here with elements of Native American culture, futuristic dangers, boarding school hijinx and so much more. I know those who are eagerly awaiting the last HP book will find this an absorbing read. I hope other readers find this book as well. It is carefully plotted with well developed characters and a great grounding in reality as well.

Back to the stack of books, folks............

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