professornana (professornana) wrote,

Shutting us up and shutting us out

YALSA is adopting a stricter social media policy for its committee members. Well, actually, they have set it in place but will finalize it here at the annual meeting in Las Vegas. Here is the link:

In effect, this means folks like me or anyone else who is active online will not be on committees of the future. The restrictions will also eliminate anyone who might blog, review, tweet, post, blog, etc. I understand the need to keep the discussions of the committee secret. That has been the case for YALSA as long as I can recall (25 years now). But I have managed to blog and tweet and post and present and review over the course of my tenure on QP, Edwards, Printz, Odyssey (twice), Nonfiction, and Morris. I am thankful I had the chance to serve and still be active on social media. But now, well now I am done. And I am not the only one. Some of the best and brightest will also be denied committee work unless they abandon social media (okay a little overstatement, but most of do talk books on social media in my little online world).

I fear that the only folks who will be serving are those who probably are not as qualified as the ones who will be denied service.

I am rather weary of these new rules. I am even more weary that they are done with little notice to the membership. After I complete my term on the current (not a selection committee) YALSA committee, I will be ending my 25 year relationship with the organization. I am saddened as I had found a real home in YALSA. Now I feel as though I am not only a fossil (there is a move to encourage younger folks to be on committees often, I believe, at the expense of those with some experience), I am also incapable of conducting myself ethically without Big Brother watching.
Tags: policies, restrictions, social media, yalsa
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