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If you build it, they will come

Katy I.S.D is a suburban/urban district west of Houston. When BH and I lived there many years ago, folks would complain about how far out of the city we lived. Now, Katy is basically west Houston. It is a booming place with many schools that provide services to the children in the vast area that is Katy. One of the services Katy ISD is providing is a Summer Reading Program. You can visit the web site here:

Please note what Katy ISD is doing with their SRP.

Read books that interest you is the first bullet point: NO required books. There are suggestions (they are using text messages for recommendations weekly as well as giving lists and other resources on their Weebly page.

Keep track of what you read. Again, there is a reminder to do that. But if kids do not keep track what happens? NOT. A. THING.

Tweet about reading. They give kids a hashtag. If kids do not tweet, what happens. NOT. A THING.

I am thrilled to help them spread the word. I think this should be a foundational example of how to establish an SRP.
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