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20 June 2014 @ 04:22 pm
Asking for some professional help  
As I predicted in an earlier post, the NCTQ report published a couple of days ago is making its way into headlines and news reports. To add insult to injury, two professional organizations provided links via Twitter and email and Facebook to the report without comments.

Here is one from NCLE: http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/06/17/323032745/study-delivers-failing-grades-for-many-programs-training-teachers. This links to an NPR piece that also did not question the report or the findings. Simply passing along the "fact" that teacher prep programs are failing. Within an hour of this brief, IRA posted a link to the report. Only two organizations commented on the report. One was NCTE with LouAnn Reid here: http://www.ncte.org/cee/reid_6-18-13. The other response came from AACTE here: http://aacte.org/news-room/press-releases-statements/462-statement-on-nctq-teacher-prep-review-from-sharon-p-robinson-ed-d-aacte-president-and-ceo.

We need to see more of the professional organizations (and more professionals including graduates of different prep programs) raising a clarion call for the dismissal of this flawed document. Please consider posting to your blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and anywhere else you can reach out. Once this misinformation is repeated over and over again, it is too late. It's akin to opening up a feather pillow and shaking the contents into the wind. Try finding all those feathers.

I hope the professional organizations which are remaining silent will also become more vocal. Don't just point readers to the report. Talk about the report in clear terms. Call it what it is. A LIE.
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