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out of the mouths of babes

I planned on spending today in meetings and then catching up with blogging, emails, and the like. However, since College Girl hung around for one more day, I decided some shopping therapy would do me some good. So, CG and I hit the stores. She scored some new clothes and shoes. I loved watching her select things, observing that her tastes have changed since she turned 21. Gone is the little girl who insisted on wearing purple every single day. Here was the young woman looking for comfortable clothes to wear to her all-day classes. Shoes? High tops for her weight lifting. How did this happen? I wonder this again and again as I watch the former residents of the back bedroom head off on their own. Make no mistake, I am still Bank of Nana when they need me to be that person. But I am also the person who sits across the table from them at lunch and wonders and marvels at who they are becoming.

Of course, I am always shaken back to reality when College Girl asks me where she parked and in which direction she needs to head to get back to campus. Career Girl brings me back to reality when she gets giggly about her boyfriend, too. So I know there are still those kids and teens inside the adults they have become.

What does this have to do with books and reading and education? I try to remeber when I deal with my students no matter their age that they are those kids who became teens and who went on to become adults, too. Each and every one of them. I hope that makes me a better person and a better teacher.
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