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Let my people read

Donalyn Miller used the phrase as a hashtag: #letmypeopleread. It was a way of countering all of the posts and articles and tweets about compartmentalizing books, narrowing access to books, and snobbish decrying about the awful books people are reading.

There have been many such posts of late. One from SALON informs adults that they should not read YA because it is shallow and vulgar and NOT FOR THEM. You can read the piece here if you can stomach it: Many of us think that pieces like this are published from time to time to drive readers to the web site. How else can we explain this total lack of knowledge (I was going to say ignorance but that is not strong enough a word) of Ruth Graham. Apparently, she has read 2 whole YA books and found them lacking. Personally, if she found them lacking, I would ask why she continued to read them. I would also ask which experts in the field she might have consulted before tarring the entire field of YA on the basis of such a narrow reading. That would be like me calling out her preferences in books as esoteric mind games for people who love to feel superior on the basis of reading 1-2 of her favorite books.

It is apparent she knows NOT A THING about children's and YA books as she confuses them throughout her piece. She also has no sense of audience (FIOS for 13 year olds). Here is her agenda in these sentences: "YA books present the teenage perspective in a fundamentally uncritical way. It’s not simply that YA readers are asked to immerse themselves in a character’s emotional life—that’s the trick of so much great fiction—but that they are asked to abandon the mature insights into that perspective that they (supposedly) have acquired as adults." I think she needs to read more critically, more carefully. She is asking us to abandon our adult lens when reading books for young adults. Yes, we do that to a degree. But do we not also suspend disbelief when reading fantasy? Do we not KNOW better? Please.

Many others have answered this post with posts of their own.

All I have to say is this: #LETMYPEOPLEREAD.
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